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  • 2017/06/22
    Microfilms, the internet and new media offer new opportunities for cross-Straits cooperation in the film and television sectors, experts say.The past year has seen more young people from Taiwan seeking collaboration in these areas with the Chinese mainland, where the internet is rapidly developing, ...
  • 2017/05/24
    Baicycle, a Xiaomi subsidiary, announced to put 5,000 intelligent public bikes to serve residents and tourists in Lijiang on April 19.Baicycle will invest a total of 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) to enter Lijiang's bike-sharing market. There will be 415 bike-sharing stations being built around Li...
  • 2017/02/17
    Wang Jianlin's giant company sticks to its core business of real estate, culture and finance; it also fancies US marketsWanda Group likely will capture media attention again when its epic movie The Great Wall, produced by the famed Chinese director Yimou Zhang and an example of full-scale US-China c...
  • 2017/02/17
    Drilling deep for answers: Crew members aboard the US research vessel Resolution prepare to drill to a depth of 3,000 to 4,000 meters for seabed samples in the northern part of the South China Sea on Feb 14. The drilling was part of the International Ocean Discovery Program. Scientists from China, ...
  • 2017/01/06
    A businesswoman from the United States (left) attends an investment and trade fair in Xiamen, Fujian province. Zhang Guojun / XinhuaFeng Yaoxiang, CCPIT spokesman, says the research will give Chinese companies better knowledge of the markets they want to invest in. Market demand, industrial structu...
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